Human Services for Low-Income and At-Risk LGBT Populations

An assessment of the knowledge base and research needs
March 2015

This report presents an assessment of research needs related to human services for LGBT people. The assessment aims to determine what is known about low-income and at-risk LGBT people and their interactions with human services and includes recommendations for future research on these populations.

  • Andrew Burwick
    Senior Researcher, Mathematica
  • Gary J. Gates
    Research Director, Former
  • Scott Baumgartner
    Researcher, Mathematica
  • Daniel Friend
    Human Services Researcher, Mathematica
The circumstances of LGBT people signal a potential need for tailored human services to help address the challenges they face and mitigate risks.
Substantial knowledge gaps exist regarding at-risk and low-income LGBT people and their experiences with human services.
Additional research could be used to improve access to services for low-income and at-risk LGBT populations.
Human Services for Low-Income and At-Risk LGBT Populations