UCLA Courses

Law 165: Modes of Legal Inquiry (LGBT Law and Policy)

This first-year course explores the relevance of empirical research to LGBT law and policy issues. The course focuses on public policy research that has been used to develop LGBT law and explores the practice-based issues faced by experts working in this area. Students will read materials that combine narrative, empirical research, and law.

Law 318: Law & Sexuality

This course explores the rapidly evolving ways in which the law constructs, regulates, and concerns sexuality. The course focuses on criminal prohibitions related to sex, discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and emerging topics such as religious exemptions to non-discrimination laws and criminal justice issues.

Law 675: HIV/AIDS Law and Public Policy

This course explores the evolving legal and ethical landscape of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and evaluates the responsiveness of laws and policies to advances in treatment and prevention. It also considers criminalization of and continuing discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. Students will examine the relationship between individual rights and public health and look at the ways multiple identities continue to impact the response to the epidemic.

LL.M. in Law & Sexuality

UCLA School of Law offers an LL.M. specialization in Law & Sexuality. LL.M. students will have the opportunity to take courses offered by faculty and scholars associated with the Williams Institute and to participate in a range of Williams Institute activities, including the Dukeminier Awards Journal, research externships, and educational events.

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