LGBTQ+ people share how they contribute to the identity, culture, and economy of Los Angeles County

Researchers asked about 500 participants what LGBTQ people contribute to the broader LA community and culture.

Half of LGBTQ+ college faculty surveyed have considered moving to another state because of anti-DEI laws

Anti-DEI laws have negatively impacted the teaching, research, and health of LGBTQ+ college faculty

More than 90 percent of transgender youth live in states that have proposed or passed laws restricting their rights

Approximately 280,300 youth live in states that have proposed or passed anti-trans laws

Same-sex couples more vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change

On average, a higher proportion of same-sex couples are at increased risk from environmental, infrastructure, and social vulnerabilities due to climate change

The Global Respect Act would empower the US to uphold LGBTQI human rights around the world

The GRA would mandate reporting on human rights violations against LGBQI people

Women and Black people overrepresented in HIV-criminal arrests in Ohio

Four counties in Ohio account for two-thirds of all HIV-related incidents

February 28, 2024
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