Sexual minority adults twice as likely as the general population to have experienced homelessness

The first study to measure LGBT homelessness in the U.S. using nationally representative samples

Survey: One in four LGBT Colombians have attempted suicide

Findings from the largest and most comprehensive study conducted on LGBT people in Colombia

US Supreme Court decision in employment discrimination cases will impact millions of LGBT workers

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide in the coming weeks whether Title VII prohibits LGBT workplace discrimination

One in four LGBT people experienced food insecurity in the past year

Women, people of color, young adults, and those with low incomes have particularly high rates of food insecurity.

Nearly 320,000 transgender adults with underlying health conditions are at risk of serious COVID-19 illness

Adults with underlying medical conditions and older adults are at high risk for COVID-19

LGBT people are more likely than non-LGBT people to face housing instability

LGBT people have higher rates of poverty, lower rates of homeownership, and higher rates of homelessness

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