More than 150 people have been placed on Tennessee’s sex offender registry for an HIV-related conviction

Over three-quarters of all HIV registrants on the sex offender registry are Black

President Biden’s historic executive order strengthens protections for 2 million LGBT youth in the US

The main focus is protecting LGBTQI+ youth targeted by state legislation that limits access to health care and creates unsupportive school environments

New estimates show 300,000 youth ages 13-17 identify as transgender in the US

About 1.3 million adults—0.5% of the adult US population—identify as transgender

LGBTQ people four times more likely than non-LGBTQ peers to choose a college away from home to find acceptance

One-third of LGBTQ people experienced bullying, harassment, or assault while in college

LGBT people of color three times more likely than white non-LGBT adults to face food insufficiency during the pandemic

Transgender people, cisgender bisexual people, and cisgender lesbian women were most likely to face hunger

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