More than 60% of suicide attempts among LGBQ people happen within five years of realizing they are LGBQ

First nationally representative study to examine suicide and coming out milestones among three generations of LGBQ people

More than half of LGBTQ adults have been threatened with violence

New study and data interactive presents findings from two nationally representative studies of cisgender LGBQ and transgender adults

1.2 million LGBTQ adults in the US identify as nonbinary

The majority of nonbinary adults use queer, bisexual, pansexual, or asexual to describe their sexual orientation

Same-sex parents are 7 times more likely than different-sex parent to raise adopted and foster children

U.S. Supreme Court decides in favor of Catholic Social Services in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia

476,000 transgender adults in the US have no IDs with the correct gender marker

In states with the fewest policy barriers, transgender people are more likely to have a correct ID than in states with the most barriers

Incarceration for HIV crimes in Georgia cost the state $9 million

Between 1999-2020, as many as 133 people were incarcerated in Georgia prisons for HIV-related crimes

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