International Programs

Despite advances, LGBTI people remain at risk of discrimination and violence in many countries. The Williams Institute engages in international research, analysis, and data collection on sexual orientation and gender identity law, and public policy. Partnering with local experts, we conduct cross-national studies, collaborate on country-level analyses, and work to strengthen the capacity of researchers outside the United States to generate rigorous research and data on issues impacting LGBTI people worldwide.

Global LGBTI Small Grants Program

The Williams Institute has a small grants program designed to foster new empirical research focused on LGBTI populations in the Global South (Latin America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East/North Africa, Asia) and promote the voices of researchers working in those regions. The program also aims to strengthen networking and knowledge exchange and provide mentorship from Williams Institute scholars.

For more information, visit our Small Grants Program page.