Current Issue: Volume 22 (2023)

Christy Mallory
Legal Director, The Williams Institute

Prize Winners

The Michael Cunningham Prize
Cori Alonso-Yoder
Associate Professor of Fundamentals or Lawyering, George Washington University School of Law
Making a Name for Themselves, 74 Rutgers L. Rev. 911 (2022)

The Stu Walter Prize
Hila Keren
Associate Dean for Research and Paul E. Treusch Professor of Law, Southwestern Law School
Separating Church and Market: The Duty to Secure Market Citizenship for All, 12 U.C. Irvine L. Rev. 907 (2022)

The M.V. Lee Badgett Prize
Ryan Thoreson
Assistant Professor of Law, University of Cincinnati College of Law
“Discriminalization”: Sexuality, Human Rights, and the Carceral Turn in Antidiscrimination Law, 110 Cal. L. Rev. 432 (2022)

The Ezekiel Webber Prize
T. Anansi Wilson
Director, Center for the Study of Black Life and the Law and Associate Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Sexual Profiling & BlaQueer Furtivity: BlaQueers on the Run, 24 The Scholar: St. Mary’s L. Rev. Race & Social Justice 180 (2022)

The Jeffrey S. Haber Prize for Student Scholarship
Paton Moody
UCLA School of Law, Class of 2023
Busting Bostock: The CRT Critique, 22 Dukeminier Awards J. 219 (2023)

Taylor Roberts-Sampson
UCLA School of Law, Class of 2023
Queer and Trans Foster Youth of Color: Mapping the Margins of the Child Welfare System, 22 Dukeminier Awards J. 253 (2023)