David Cruz

Visiting Professor

David B. Cruz is a Visiting Professor at the UCLA School of Law and the Newton Professor of Constitutional Law at the USC Gould School of Law, where his teaching and research focus on constitutional law and LGBTQ+ law. He holds a B.A. in Drama and a B.S. in Mathematics, each summa cum laude, from UC Irvine; an M.S. in Mathematics from Stanford; and a J.D., summa cum laude, from the NYU School of Law. He clerked for the Hon. Edward R. Becker of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and was a Bristow Fellow in the Office of the Solicitor General. He is a member of the board of the Equality California Institute. Professor Cruz has, with coauthor Jillian T. Weiss, published Gender Identity and the Law, the first case book on the rights of transgender people. His scholarship has been published in numerous journals including the California Law Review and the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review.