By Name

M.V. Lee Badgett
Areas of expertise: Census 2010 & LGBT Demographics, Marriage and Couples Rights, Economic Impact Reports, People of Color, Workplace, International

Todd Brower
Area of expertise: Law (Courts and Judicial system)

Nanette Gartrell
Area of expertise: Parenting and Adoption

Gary J. Gates
Areas of expertise: Demographics, Marriage and Couple Rights, People of Color, Parenting, and Health & HIV

Jody L. Herman

Areas of expertise: Transgender Issues, Workplace, Economic impact reports, Marriage and Couples Rights

Nan D. Hunter
Areas of expertise: Marriage and Couples Rights, Workplace, International, Law

Angeliki Kastanis
Areas of expertise: LGBT Demographics, Economic Impact Reports

Christy Mallory
Areas of expertise: Workplace, Law

Ilan H. Meyer
Areas of expertise: People of Color, Health & HIV/AIDS (Minority Stress, Mental Health, Suicide), Violence and Crime

Adam P. Romero
Areas of expertise: Marriage and Couples Rights, Workplace, Law, Economic Impact Reports

Brad Sears
Areas of expertiseEconomic Impact Reports, Workplace, Health & HIV AIDS, Law

Michael D. Steinberger
Areas of expertise: Census 2010 & LGBT Demographics (LGBT Economic and Work Characteristics), Economic Impact Reports

Bianca D.M. Wilson
Areas of expertise: People of Color (Race, Ethnicity, & Culture), Safe Schools & Youth, Health & HIV AIDS