Public Opinion of Transgender Rights in the US

By Winston Luhur, Taylor N.T. Brown, and Andrew Flores

Analysis from the 2017 Global Attitudes Toward Transgender People survey finds that more Americans hold positive opinions toward transgender people than negative ones. In addition, majorities of the American public believe that acceptance of transgender people has increased in society and that this is a positive development.

The report specifically found that

  • About one-third (30.0%) of survey participants knew someone who is transgender.
  • Familiarity with transgender people was associated with greater support for transgender people and their rights.
  • Female participants and younger participants (age 18-34) held significantly higher levels of support for transgender rights and more favorable attitudes about transgender people.
  • Majorities of those surveyed supported the rights of transgender people to have gender-affirming surgery, marry a person of the same birth sex, conceive or give birth to children, adopt children, have protection from discrimination by the government, and serve in the military.
  • There was greater support for the right of transgender people to use a restroom consistent with their gender identity.

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