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Lack of Equal Treatment for LGBTQ People: Public Comment

April 2015

The United Nations Human Rights Council periodically reviews the human rights records of all 193 UN Member States. In conducting reviews, the Council considers information provided by the States, information provided in reports of independent experts and groups, and information from other stakeholders, such as non-governmental organizations.

  • Andrew Park
    International Program Director, Former

Through periodic reviews, the United Nations Human Rights Council assesses the extent to which member states fulfill their human rights obligations set out in the U.N. Charter, human rights treaties, commitments made by the state, and international law. These obligations include a commitment to equal treatment of LGBT people.

Following the reviews, the Council provides member states with a report that includes comments and recommendations for states to implement. These plans ensure that states remain committed to complying with human rights obligations and upholding the rule of law.

The comment outlines the legal frameworks for the promotion and protection of LGBT rights in the U.S., including U.N. recommendations adopted by the U.S., federal non-discrimination laws, and the federal hate crimes law. The comment also details the extent of U.S. compliance with these requirements and concludes that the U.S. has fallen short of its obligation to ensure that LGBT people receive equal treatment.

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Lack of Equal Treatment for LGBTQ People: Public Comment