Transgender Prejudice Reduction and Opinions on Transgender Rights

Results from a mediation analysis on experimental data
May 2018

This study uses a survey experiment to examine the causal mechanism between prejudice reduction–the lowering of negative attitudes and phobias toward marginalized groups–and support for transgender rights. It was published in Research & Politics in March 2018.

  • Andrew R. Flores
    Affiliated Scholar
  • Donald P. Haider-Markel
    Professor, University of Kansas
  • Daniel C. Lewis
    Associate Professor, Siena College
  • Patrick R. Miller
    Associate Professor, University of Kansas
  • Barry L. Tadlock
    Associate Professor, Ohio University
  • Jami K. Taylor
    Professor, University of Toledo
Transphobia is an emotional dislike of people whose gender identity or expression differs from assumptions of their sex assigned at birth.
Reducing transphobia increases an individual’s support for the equality and legal protection of transgender people.
Exposure to images and information about transgender people helped reduce transphobia.

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Transgender Prejudice Reduction and Opinions on Transgender Rights