Exploring the Q in LGBTQ

Demographic characteristic and sexuality of queer people in a U.S. representative sample of sexual minorities
November 2019

This study is the first to examine the demographic characteristics and sexuality of queer-identified people in the U.S., compared to LGB and other sexual minorities, using a nationally representative sample. It was published in Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity in November 2019.

Sexual minorities are increasingly using a growing number of identity labels that were largely unavailable to older generations of sexual minorities.
Queer people are overwhelmingly cisgender women and genderqueer/nonbinary (GQNB), younger, and more highly educated than other groups.
Queer individuals are more likely to report attraction to, and sexual relationships with, transgender and GQNB people than other sexual minorities.
Data Points
of sexual minorities identify as queer
identify as lesbian/gay

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Exploring the Q in LGBTQ