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    The LGBT Divide: A Data Portrait of LGBT People in the Midwestern, Mountain & Southern States

    By Amira Hasenbush, Andrew R. Flores, Angeliki Kastanis, Brad Sears, Gary J. Gates
    December 2014

    By Amira Hasenbush, Andrew R. Flores, Angeliki Kastanis, Brad Sears, Gary J. Gates December 2014 LGBT Americans in the 29 states without state laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation consistently see greater disparities than in the 21 states with such laws, including less social acceptance, greater economic vulnerability, especially among African-American …

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    The Business Impact of Opening Marriage to Same-sex Couples

    By Angeliki Kastanis, Matt Strieker, Archipelago Web
    December 2014

    Explore how much money states have to gain by allowing same-sex couples to marry. Same-sex couples, and their out-of-town guests, pump money into state economies as they plan their weddings and celebrate their milestone. This spending boost can lead to an increase in state and local tax revenue and an influx of tourism dollars that …

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    New Data from Marriage Licenses for Same-Sex Couples

    By M.V. Lee Badgett, Christy Mallory
    December 2014

    Administrative data from the states that recognized marriage and other relationship statuses for same-sex couples in early 2014 show that female couples are more likely to formalize their relationships than male couples; and that same-sex couples overall dissolve their legal relationships at a lower rate than different-sex couples. The data also suggest that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Windsor case in 2013 likely contributed to a marked increase in the number of same-sex couples marrying.


Click on each state below to find state-specific research on issues such as LGBT demographics, marriage, parenting, and workplace issues — including state-level data and maps from Census 2010.

United States Census Snapshot: 2010

Press Advisory/FAQ: Same-sex couples in Census 2010 & Census Snapshot: 2010 Methodology

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