LGB Utilization of LGBT-Specific Clinics and Providers

December 2019

LGB people navigate stigma, discrimination, structural barriers, and a history of medical mistrust when seeking healthcare services. This study looks at factors that influenced the past utilization of LGBT-specific clinics and the interest in using them in the future among three age groups of LGB people. It was published in Population Health in December 2019.

Men are twice as likely as women to utilize an LGBT-specific clinic or provider.
Utilization of LGBT-specific clinics was associated with a better overall sense of health.
Younger, Black LGB people and those with lower incomes reported the greatest interest in LGBT-specific healthcare.
Data Points
of LGB people have utilized LGBT-specific clinics in the past
would like to utilize them in the future

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LGB Utilization of LGBT-Specific Clinics and Providers