Branches of the Same Vine: LGBTQ Rights, Reproductive Rights, and Critical Race Theory

For the past several years, state and local legislative initiatives limiting LGBTQ and reproductive rights and the teaching of Critical Race Theory have proliferated. This panel explores the connections between these three campaigns. How do they overlap? Who are the primary organizations and funders backing these campaigns?  What voters are they trying reach? What messages do they share in common? How do they use, or misuse, research, and facts? The panelists explore these issues and how research can both reveal the connections between these campaigns and provide responses to their core arguments.

74 min
April 6, 2022

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Indigenous LGBTQ+ People: Disparities and Data Justice

A discussion of the health and economic well-being of American Indian/Alaska Native LGBT peoples in the U.S. and its impact on law and policy

60 min
April 5, 2022