Diana Feliz Olivia

Associate Director of Advocacy & Community Engagement, Gilead Sciences

Diana Feliz Oliva is the Associate Director of Advocacy & Community Engagement at Gilead Sciences, Inc. She made history by being the first openly transgender person hired by Gilead in its 30-year history. She has extensive experience in building relationships and coalitions among various stakeholders, with a special emphasis on advocating for and supporting the transgender community. For over 15 years, Diana has worked with HIV-positive communities, including women, transgender individuals, sex workers, people experiencing mental illness and substance use, unhoused individuals, incarcerated adults, youth, elderly people, people of color, and undocumented individuals. Prior to joining Gilead, Diana was the Director of Transgender Health Programs at St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, where she built one of the largest transgender health programs in the country. Turning her daunting personal challenges and barriers into the very basis of her activism, Diana has become an effective social advocate and role model. Her work gives voice and visibility to the transgender communities and the many overlapping communities that her life has touched.