IPSOS: Public Opinion on Transgender People and Rights in 27 Countries

This webinar discusses the results of a 2017 survey, conducted by IPSOS, about public opinion data of transgender people and their rights in 27 countries. The survey was first designed and conducted in 2016 as a collaborative effort between IPSOS, Buzzfeed News, and the Williams Institute as part of IPSOS Global Advisor monthly survey program.

The survey included questions relating to the public’s opinion on transgender rights issues, correct pronoun usage, positive and negative beliefs about transgender people, how respondents think about their government’s treatment of transgender people, and whether and how respondents know a transgender person. The presenters also discuss why the survey was done and the challenges of conducting such a survey. In addition, they provide a very brief overview of the legal and policy situations of transgender people worldwide.

62 min
March 7, 2018

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