Trump Is Banning Trans Soldiers at the Worst Possible Time



The Advocate
by Carl Castro
September 27, 2017

President Trump’s tweet that the U.S. military will not “accept or allow” transgender service members triggered a host of vehement and impassioned replies, many calling the decision morally wrong, ethically bereft, and a legally flawed way to treat fellow Americans.

As the president prepares to send “guidance” to the services on how to rid the military of transgender service members, it is imperative for those of us who are able to speak out against such prejudice and intolerance.

As an academic researcher and former military officer, I can add a practical point to that litany: It’s bad military policy too. Both for today and tomorrow.

At a time when North Korea is threatening imminent attack — we should not be casting away an estimated 15,000 members of our armed services because of anyone’s discomfort with their preferred pronoun. These are fighting men and women who are ready, willing, and able to put their lives on the line for all Americans. And we already have invested significant money to arm and train them. This is a moment for putting all eager hands on deck — not for thinning the ranks.

Read Trump Is Banning Trans Soldiers at the Worst Possible Time

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