Transgender Teens Could Destroy The Bathroom Predator Myth Once And For All

by Dominic Holden
October 30, 2018


On a recent Saturday, Dee Rogers, a young tech manager in a gray sweater and Converse, knocked on a man’s door in Everett, Massachusetts, a slope of gabled houses north of Boston where dozens of lawns display statuettes of the Virgin Mary. A dog became unglued inside the house, so a middle-aged man in a Disney World sweatshirt slipped out to the porch, lit a Marlboro Red, and let it dangle from his mouth.

“When I knocked on the door, you knew pretty quickly I was transgender,” Rogers told the man, named James, who nodded.

Rogers had come to discuss Question 3, a measure on the November ballot. Voting yes would uphold a state law that bans anti-transgender discrimination in public places like restaurants, she said, thereby letting trans people use restrooms that match their gender identity.

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