Tony Perkins: Men harass women because there are trans people in the military





By Jarrett Lyons
October 19, 2017

As the #MeToo meme still percolates and more news about Harvey Weinstein leaks out, Tony Perkins, the ultra-conservative president of the Family Research Council, a lobbying organization and a hate group according to the the Southern Poverty Law Center, has blamed the inclusion of openly LGBT people in the U.S. military for a “moral confusion,” which he believes causes men to inappropriately flirt with and harass women.

As Right Wing Watch points out, Perkins appeared on “Washington Watch” on Tuesday, commenting on a USA Today report about a two-star army general who had been fired for sending inappropriate texts to the wife of another soldier. While he disavowed the behavior, he blamed the presence of LGBT service members in the armed forces as a reason for the general having a weakened moral code.

“I think this is wrong, but who says it’s wrong? The military code of conduct? True, but that also said that homosexuality is wrong, but that prohibition is no longer being enforced. In fact, people are punished for not celebrating homosexuality,” Perkins said. “Same was true of transgenderism.”

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