Strict ID laws could disenfranchise 78,000 transgender voters, report says

NBC News 
by Julie Moreau
August 17, 2018


Oliver, now 22, headed to the polls for the very first time in 2014. The Maryland resident said he was excited to cast his ballot and perform his civic duty, but the excitement was short-lived.

Oliver, who identifies as trans masculine, said he was met with resistance when he presented his identification — which is required of some first-time voters in Maryland — to a poll worker in the “pretty liberal” suburb of Washington, D.C.

“This isn’t your ID,” the poll worker said, according to Oliver. “It has an ‘F’ on it.”

While Oliver, who requested his surname not be published because he’s not out as transgender to everyone, said most people perceived him as male at the time, he had only legally changed his name, not the gender marker on his identification, which he said is “a really expensive process.”

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