Republicans are essential to winning full LGBT freedom





by Margaret Hoover and Tyler Deaton
June 12, 2018

Helping to kick off a successful Pride Month, New Hampshire recently enacted a new law ensuring that transgender Granite Staters will have explicit nondiscrimination protections in employment, housing, and business services. Republican Governor Chris Sununu signed the law on Friday after a Republican-led legislature passed it, proving that the GOP can continue to make progress on LGBT rights even in these combative times.

The New Hampshire law is the first statewide nondiscrimination victory for the gay and transgender community since Massachusetts passed a similar lawin 2016 — also signed by a Republican Governor, Charlie Baker.

A few states like New Hampshire and Massachusetts were early to adopt nondiscrimination protections decades ago. They enacted “LGB” protections but neglected to include the “T.” We’ve made it a top priority to modernize these laws. For the transgender community, which faces shockingly high rates of discrimination, these laws provide concrete protections if they ever face a mean-spirited employer, landlord, or business owner.

Most Americans would never dream of discriminating against someone just because they’re born different — but it does happen. When, inevitably, someone chooses to treat their fellow Americans wrongly, there ought to be strong legal backing for an individual to win back his job, her home, or their equal access to a public space.


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