The Gay Wage Gap Is Both Real and Invisible







Daily Beast
by Samantha Allen
December 06, 2017

If you’re LGBT, you might be especially focused on your finances lately.

Ever since the Senate succeeded in passing their tax bill, media outlets and advocacy groups have highlighted the potential impact of the reforms on LGBT people, focusing—as Newsweek did—on consequences like the legislation’s impact on the Affordable Care Act, which helps people living with HIV/AIDS, or on potential cuts to social security.

But it’s also worth emphasizing that the tax bill drama takes place against a pre-existing backdrop of economic inequality that researchers are still struggling to pin down. If the tax bill will hurt LGBT Americans, as advocacy groups suggest, it’s worth asking: How are their wallets already faring?

Two new studies highlighted in recent days paint slightly different—but not completely incompatible—pictures of current LGBT financial well-being.

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