At least 22 transgender people have been killed this year. But numbers don’t tell the full story

by Harmeet Kaur
November 18, 2019

(CNN) – Dana Martin was found in a roadside ditch. Chynal Lindsey was discovered in a reservoir. Bee Love Slater was found burned in a vehicle, and Bailey Reeves was shot after she left a party.

They were all transgender. They were all women. They were all black. Their stories are tragic, their deaths horrific. And there are many more like them.

At least 22 transgender and gender non-conforming people have been killed in the US this year, according to a new report from the Human Rights Campaign. It’s the fifth year in a row that at least 20 transgender people were killed, the HRC says.

Year after year, violence against trans people, particularly black trans people, continues to alarm authorities and advocates. The American Medical Association calls it an “epidemic.”

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