Cathryn L. Dhanatya, Chief Program and Administrative Officer

dhanatyaCathryn L. Dhanatya is the Chief Program and Administrative Officer  at the Williams Institute. Previously, Dhanatya served as USC Rossier School of Education’s first Assistant Dean for Research.  In her role as an Assistant Dean, Dhanatya managed the day to day research operations, compliance, partnerships, data management, licensing, technology transfer, research agreements, research events and communications. She also worked with faculty to maximize research funding opportunities, research output and awareness of Rossier’s important research agenda. During her six year tenure, she built research operations and an infrastructure that supported over 65 faculty and increased the average amount of research funding per faculty to become the highest among peer tier one schools of education in the nation.

Before USC, she was the Director of Research and Financial Administration for the Art | Global Health Center at UCLA. As their Director, she became specially trained in issues related to international research administration, foreign taxation laws, and issues related to human subjects research.

At UCLA, Dhanatya designed multi-national research studies that were funded by governmental agencies and private foundations, and worked on multiple facets of research including grant writing, grants management, research compliance, conducting research data collection, and reporting.

Dhanatya has lived and worked on five continents; earned her Ph.D. in Social Science and Comparative Education from UCLA; and has conducted research on media and technology as it relates to health issues around the globe. She was also project manager on a number of HIV/AIDS, marriage equality and transgender research advocacy projects throughout her career.