Transgender Parenting: A Review of Existing Research

By Rebecca L. Stotzer, Jody L. Herman, Amira Hasenbush
October 2014

The authors of this report reviewed 51 studies that analyze data about transgender parents. This report reviews the existing research on the prevalence and characteristics of transgender people who are parents, the quality of relationships between transgender parents and their children, outcomes for children with a transgender parent, and the reported needs of transgender parents. Overall, the authors found that substantial numbers of transgender people are parents, though at rates below the U.S. general population.  The vast majority of transgender parents report that their relationships with their children are good or positive, including after “coming out” as transgender or transitioning. Based on their review, the authors recommend further research on the many facets of transgender parents’ lives, including research on the impact of discrimination on transgender parents and their families. Increased data collection and research will lead to a fuller understanding of the experiences and needs of transgender parents and their children.

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