Predictors of parenting stress in lesbian, gay, and heterosexual adoptive parents during early parenthood

Jrl-Fam-PsyBy Abbie E. Goldberg, JuliAnna Z. Smith
May 2014

Sexual orientation is not a predictor of parenting stress among first-time adoptive parents, based on the first longitudinal study of parenting stress in early childhood among lesbian, gay and heterosexual adoptive parents. Parents’ pre-placement well-being, relationship quality, and social support are pre-adoptive assessments that could impact post-adoptive stress. Consistent with prior research, the study also found a child’s age at placement to be a predictor of post-placement parenting stress, such that parents of older children reported more stress. The study also found a relationship between parenting stress and child behavior problems, such that parents who reported severe problems in their children reported more stress.

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*Published in the Journal of Family Psychology.

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