Williams Institute Provides Research to United Nations Countries

By Andrew ParkUN
April 2015

Williams Institute International Program Director Andrew Park provided legal analysis and research to 14 countries on the United Nations Human Rights Council: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay, Japan, Republic of Korea, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands regarding the human rights situation in the United States. In April 2015, the UN Human Rights Council will review the human situation in the United States. That review, to take place at the United Nations, will include questions about legal protections available to LGBT people in the United States.

Park’s analysis focused on the lack of federal employment discrimination laws and the prevalence of economic disparities amongst LGBT people. In 2010, the United States pledged to the United Nations that it would improve laws protecting LGBT people against employment discrimination, police abuse and violence. “These 14 countries have indicated a high level of support for LGBT rights in the United Nations and many have adopted comprehensive protections for LGBT people in their own laws,” said Park. “We hope that this research and legal analysis will assist them in their review of the United States where many LGBT workers continue to lack legal protection.”

In addition, the Williams Institute has served as the coordinator of the LGBT Task Force for US Human Rights Network, the civil society network that is providing the UN with information on a wide variety of human rights issues.

For the full report, click here.

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