Lack of Equal Treatment and Access to Equal Opportunity for LGTBQ People in the United States

un-logoSubmission to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review of United States of America

By Andrew Park, Firass Halawi
September 2014

The lack of protections against employment discrimination and inattention to the causes and patterns of LGBT poverty constitute human rights violations.  Based on social science research and legal analysis, the United States is failing to comply with its international human rights commitments, particularly in the areas of employment, health, youth and violence against LGBT people. In its last review, the United States accepted recommendations to address discrimination against LGBT people in order to comply with international human rights standards.  However, there is no federal law that protects LGBT people from discrimination in the workplace.  Additionally, the United States has failed to investigate and monitor potential human rights violations indicated by disparate patterns of poverty, healthcare coverage, and levels of violence.

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