Sexual Orientation Based Violence in Hong Kong

By Holning S. Lau and Rebecca Stotzer
February 2013

Using survey responses from 614 lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals in Hong Kong, this article reports prevalence estimates of experiences with violence based on sexual orientation. Among respondents, 60.3 percent reported being victims of only non-physical forms of violence, 9.4 percent reported experience with both non-physical and physical violence, and 0.9 percent reported experience with only physical violence. Men were more likely than women to experience physical violence. Women’s experiences with violence were more likely to be associated with negative psychological outcomes. This article examines how these findings relate to existing literature on homophobia in ethnic Chinese societies. The article also proposes ways for the Government of Hong Kong to reform education policy to better address the problem of sexual orientation-motivated violence.

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*Article originally published in the Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal, with a  research grant provided by the Williams Institute.

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