Profiles of Resilience and Psychosocial Outcomes among Young Black Gay and Bisexual Men

By Patrick A. Wilson, Ilan H. Meyer, Nadav Antebi-Gruszka, Melissa R. Boone, Stephanie H. Cook, and Emily M. Cherenack
April 2016

This study explores different profiles of resilience factors in 228 Young Black gay/bisexual men (YBGBM) in New York City and compares profiles on psychological distress, mental health, and other psychosocial factors. Results suggest that self-efficacy and hardiness/adaptive coping may play a more important role in protecting YBGBM from risks compared to social support and should be targeted in interventions. The findings show that resilience is a multidimensional construct and support the notion that there are different patterns of resilience among YBGBM.

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