Children and Families Impacted and the Fiscal Implications of Florida HB 7111, “Conscience Protection for Private Child-Placing Agencies”

FloridaBy Gary Gates, Taylor N.T. Brown
April 2015

HB 7111, “Conscience Protection for Private Child-Placing Agencies,” would allow private agencies licensed in Florida to make foster care or adoption placement decisions in accordance with their “religious or moral convictions.” Agencies could refuse to place a child with a potential parent because of the parent’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The state would be prohibited from denying or revoking a license if the agency cites a religious or moral objection. About 2,460 adopted children and 160 foster children are being raised by lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals or same-sex couples in Florida. If those 160 foster children were to be adopted by their foster families next year, the state could save more than $1 million by not keeping them in the foster care system.

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