LGBT Vote 2012

By Gary J. Gates
November 2012

Exit polls from the 2012 presidential election suggest that 5% of the electorate identified as lesbian, gay, or bisexual. Consistent with findings from a recent Gallup survey of LGBT-identified Americans, these LGB voters overwhelmingly supported President Obama for re-election.

Exit polls suggest that the President garnered 76% of the LGB vote compared to 22% support for Gov. Mitt Romney. The Gallup analyses and a recent Williams Institute analysis also show that the strong LGBT support for President Obama was likely a key factor in his ability to win the national popular vote and the very close election in Florida. This research brief considers the impact of the LGBT vote on the Electoral College and explores the extent to which LGBT identity, as opposed to underlying demographic characteristics, impacts the LGBT vote.

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*Report cited on the New York Times 538 blog.