Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders of Color Sampling Methodology: Strategies for Collecting Data in Small, Hidden, or Hard-to-Reach Groups To Reduce Tobacco-Related Health Disparities

December 2008

This report is a collaboration of the LGBTs of Color Sampling Methodology meeting group. It summarizes the meeting format and content, provides a brief overview of the problem of tobacco use among LGBT and racial and ethnic minorities, and makes recommendations to help eliminate tobacco-related health disparities. This meeting report distills the joint discussions and lessons learned from some of the most advanced researchers in this challenging field. This knowledge and the recommendations of the meeting participants provide invaluable resources to assist policymakers, funders, and researchers. Through this work, the larger body of knowledge on racial/ethnic health disparities, LGBT health, and rare population research will be commensurately enriched. \

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