Human Services for Low-Income and At-Risk LGBT Populations: An Assessment of the Knowledge Base and Research Needs

By Andrew Burwick, Gary Gates, Scott Baumgartner, Daniel Friend
December 2014

This report discusses what is known about low-income and at-risk LGBT people and their interactions with human services, especially services funded by ACF, and identifies important areas for further research. To provide context for the needs assessment findings, the assessment begins by describing the scope and estimated size of the LGBT population in the United States as well as factors that may contribute to social and economic disadvantages for LGBT people. The assessment then presents the framework and methods for the needs assessment and ultimately recommends potential areas for future research to enhance the knowledge base surrounding the human service needs of low-income and at-risk LGBT populations.

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Chapter briefs:

Click here for the youth services chapter brief.
Click here for the low-income and self-sufficiency brief.
Click here for the child welfare brief.

Research recommendations:

Click here for the youth programs recommendations.
Click here for the income support and self-sufficiency recommendations.
Click here for the child welfare recommendations.

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