Why I Think Ireland Will Vote Yes for Marriage Equality

By Gary Gates
May 15, 2015
HuffPost Gay Voices

Irish voters will go to the polls on Friday, May 22nd, to decide if the country’s constitution should be changed so that same-sex couples can legally marry. All of themajor political parties support a yes vote and opinion polls at the moment forecast a yes victory. Many voters will have their LGBT family and friends in mind when they cast their ballots. I’m confident that my Irish relatives will be among them, but also wonder if at least one yes vote among the family occurred before any of us even realized.

Eleven years ago, my husband phoned his mother in Ireland to tell her about our plans to get married in Toronto. He was more than a little nervous. She had always been quite supportive of our relationship, but it was 2004 and marriage was still a pretty new thing among same-sex couples. The conversation went fine and then she briefly paused and asked again what date we planned on being married.

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