New York Times Fuels Myth of Gay Affluence

By Andrew Park
December 28, 2015
HuffPost Gay Voices

This week the conservative Family Research Council (FRC), took aim at the US policy of supporting LGBT groups abroad. The FRC’s statement came a few days after presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released her pledge to increase US funding of LGBT groups. Conservative websites and politicians echoed the FRC message that Obama, who has given LGBT groups a whopping $700 million since 2012, waspromoting homosexuality and garnering ill-will for the United States. The problem with these claims is that the US has never given LGBT groups $700 million.

In actuality, US support for LGBT issues is probably about one percent of that figure. As of 2011, the year that the Obama administration launched its global LGBT initiatives, US funding was very small. A 2010 survey of global funding found that the total amount of funding by all governments was less than $13 million. Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands topped the list of governments. This US did not give enough to be listed in the report.

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