Why we can’t forget transgender people when talking about the pay gap

Public Radio International
By Jared Goyette
April 18, 2015

President Barack Obama spoke at length on gender wage inequality at a town hall organized by the women’s blog network BlogHer and SheKnows Media (full disclosure: SheKnows is a media partner with Across Womens Lives). Held the day after “Equal Pay Day” on April 14, it was a nod to activists’ work to raise awareness of the issue, and to the kind of feminist netroots Blogher represents.

Obama’s remarks were focused on his economic policy and budget. He dusted off some old campaign lines advocating tax breaks for the middle class, touted his personal story of being raised by a single mother with support from his grandmother — the “main breadwinner in the family” — and defended the Paycheck Fairness Act, a Democrat-backed effort to address the pay gap.

“Understand that the whole point of equal pay is people doing the same job and getting paid less,” Obama said. “That’s the problem. The paycheck fairness act would say not that women should get paid more or the same if they are doing less work. It’s saying hey should get paid the same for the same work. Now, this should be a no brainer.”

But there was something missing.

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