What Happens When The Adopted Kids Of Anti-Gay Parents Come Out?

BuzzFeed News 
by Keri Williams
August 20, 2019


Late one night a few years ago, my 14-year-old daughter, Kayla, texted me.

911 Kayla: i need to talk to u

She’d prefixed her contact name in my cellphone to read “911,” a way of asserting her significance in my life. Seeing it always made me smile. It was after midnight, but I dutifully responded.

Me: Can we talk tomorrow? You have school in the morning.

911 Kayla: stop using punctuation in texts its weird

Me: It’s not weird.

911 Kayla: ur such a mom

Text bubbles danced for long moments on my screen before her next message popped up:

911 Kayla: i don’t know how to tell u this but im gay

I blinked. My finger hovered uncertainly over my iPhone screen as I read and reread her text.

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