Trans People and Suicidal Ideation




By Trudy Ring
November 01, 2017

A new report on the health of transgender Californians provides further evidence of the challenges trans people face, including their extremely high risk of suicide.

Twenty-two percent of transgender adults in California have ever attempted suicide, compare with 4 percent of cisgender (nontrans) adult Californians, according to the policy brief from the Williams Institute, a think tank at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. The report, released today, uses data from the 2015-2016 California Health Interview Survey.

The data indicates there are 92,000 transgender people between the ages of 18 and 70 in California, representing 0.35 percent of the state’s adult noninstitutionalized population. Their general health status, insurance, and health access, are similar to that of cisgender adults, but there are significant disparities.

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