This clerk says online marriage license applications will solve religious dilemmas over same-sex marriage


Public Radio International
By Evan George
July 6, 2015

Officials in at least one Kentucky county have suspended issuing licenses altogether. The clerk in charge wants to remove humans from the process entirely.

“There is no one in my office issuing licenses, they all object for religious reasons,” said Casey Davis, the Casey County Clerk. “The solution that I’ve suggested to the governor is that, since we pay our bills, shop, do everything else online, why couldn’t we have a marriage license issued online?”

Davis said he suspended issuing marriage licenses because even though he opposes same-sex marriage, he did not want to discriminate against gay couples. He said online marriage licenses could resolve that conflict because they wouldn’t be issued under his name or at his directive. Davis said he hoped Gov. Steve Beshear will consider his suggestion. In the meantime, no one can obtain a license in Casey County.

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