The Scientific Debate Over Same-Sex Parenting Is Over

Slate Outward
By Mark Joseph Stern
April 14, 2016

This month, the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics published a new study comparing the children of same-sex parents with the children of opposite-sex parents. Unlike Mark Regnerus’ now-debunked study—which focused on the children of divorced parents—the new research examines intact families, both same-sex and opposite-sex. Its authors found “no differences” in children’s health, no matter the sexual orientation of their parents.

This conclusion is not surprising: To the contrary, it reaffirms the near-absolute consensus among scientists and researchers that parental orientation has no bearing on children’s well-being. Columbia Law School’s What We Know project, which gathers data on same-sex parenting, has identified 73 peer-reviewed articles concluding that gay parents do not disadvantage their children in any way. There is no peer-reviewed, scientifically accepted study finding that gay parents dodisadvantage their kids.

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