The Lack of Trans-Friendly Doctors in the South Is an Injustice

by Ivy Gibson-Hill
January 14, 2019


In the past year, an estimated 115,000 trans people who live in Southern states didn’t seek out health care when they needed to because they were afraid of mistreatment from their medical providers.

That’s what current data tells us. According to research by the Williams Institute, more than 500,000 transgender folks call the South home, and the U.S. Trans Survey found that 23 percent of trans people report not seeking health care services because they don’t trust medical providers to provide them with competent care. That means last year, 115,000 trans Southerners did not get the health care they need.

Let’s take a minute to let that sink in and imagine the real faces of the people left vulnerable. These aren’t just numbers; these are real people, with real health care needs. We are your friends, parents, children, coworkers, teachers, and preachers – and the change we’re seeking in healthcare is acute and urgent.

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