Researchers find no difference between kids raised by two moms and kids raised by mom and dad

Los Angeles Time
by Melissa Healy
July 18, 2018


The kids aren’t kids anymore. And they’re still all right.

The children of a first generation of lesbian women to take family-building into their own hands and conceive children through sperm donation are young adults now. And on Wednesday, the New England Journal of Medicine published new findings from the first study to comprehensively track those children’s mental health trajectories and compare them to those of kids in other U.S. households.

At 25, these pioneers on the landscape of sexual minority were the same as they were reported to be when the same children were assessed at ages 10 and 17: They were just fine. In the new inquiry, 77 of these “index offspring” were compared to a sample of typical U.S. 25-year-olds matched on sex, race or ethnic background, and educational level.

Conclusion: The children of lesbians had no more behavioral or emotional problems than did a representative sample of kids their age. Their relationships with family, friends, spouses or partners functioned just as well. And they were no more likely to have diagnosable or near-diagnosable psychiatric disorders than were young adults who were like them in every respect but the sexual orientation of their parents.

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