Record LGBT support for Democrats in midterms, NBC News Exit Poll shows

NBC News 
by Tim Fitzsimons
November 8, 2018


Democratic candidates enjoyed strong support from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender voters nationwide on Tuesday, according to the NBC News Exit Poll. LGBT people made up 6 percent of the electorate in the midterms, and 82 percent of them cast their ballot for their district’s Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives, versus 17 percent for their district’s Republican House candidate. The exit poll also found LGBT voters supporting Democratic Senate and gubernatorial candidates in strong numbers.

LGBT Exit Poll graphic
NBC News

From a demographic perspective, LGBT voters were second only to black voters when it came to supporting Democrats in the midterms. Ninety percent of black voters supported their House district’s Democrat, while just 9 percent supported the Republican in the race. LGBT voters preferred Democratic candidates at higher rates than several other demographic groups that are traditionally thought of as Democratic-leaning, including Latino, young and college-educated voters.

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