Pop star Troye Sivan returns to acting in ‘conversion therapy’ drama ‘Boy Erased’

NBC News 
by Jesse North
November 2, 2018


Pop star Troye Sivan is returning to acting with the highly anticipated — and star-studded — film “Boy Erased,” an emotionally charged drama that takes on the controversial practice of “gay conversion therapy.”

The film is based on Garrard Conley’s 2016 memoir of the same name. The story follows its main character, Jared, to a conversion therapy program where young men and women — including Sivan’s character, Gary — are forced to publicly confess their perceived impure thoughts and deviant acts while wearing drab uniforms reminiscent of prison garb. In one particularly haunting scene, a boy is repeatedly hit with a Bible in an effort to literally beat his homosexuality out of him.

The world portrayed in the film, however, could not be further from the one in which Sivan lives in real life. The confident, 23-year-old entertainer represents a new generation of gay male pop star — one that never had to “come out” while famous, and as a result has been accepted since the beginning.

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