Massachusetts Votes To Keep Transgender Rights Protections In Place

Huff Post 
by Hayley Miller
November 6, 2018


Massachusetts residents have voted to keep in place legislation that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity, a major victory for the state’s transgender community and their allies.

Bay Staters voted “yes” on Question 3, saving a 2-year-old state law that shields transgender people from discrimination in public places, including restaurants, hospitals and gyms.

The ballot question marked the country’s first statewide referendum on transgender rights. Opponents of the anti-discrimination law have argued that it puts women at risk in public bathrooms. But a study released in September by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law contradicts that claim. It compared the number of crimes reported in public restrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms the year the law was enacted and the year prior, and found no difference.

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