Why LGBTQ+ People Are Turning to Facebook to Find Safe, Friendly Housing

PopSugar News
by Kyle Fitzpatrick
September 14, 2017

When Diana Kaiser moved to Chicago three years ago, she did not expect it to be so difficult to find her place in the LGBTQ+ community.

“I’m not sure exactly how it is in other cities, but I know my experience in Chicago has been a little challenging,” Kaiser told POPSUGAR, likening the process to finding “the secret password of the gay community.”

Kaiser was also looking for LGBTQ+ camaraderie to aid another aspect of life: finding a queer-friendly roommate. After living with straight people, Kaiser was looking to live with someone who was, in her words, “more like me” — who wouldn’t question her lesbian identity. She found a solution for this problem in a subtly obvious place, one that many people like her have found similar success with: private Facebook groups.

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