LGBTQ parents face ‘state-sanctioned discrimination,’ American Bar Association says

NBC News 
by Julie Moreau
February 6, 2019


The American Bar Association adopted a resolution last week decrying the “state-sanctioned discrimination” faced by some lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer parents in the United States.

In a resolution document affirming their legal rights, the 141-year-old professional organization of lawyers and law students asserts its opposition to “laws, regulations, and rules or practices that discriminate against LGBT individuals in the exercise of the fundamental right to parent.” The group also urges lawmakers where such measures exist to “promptly repeal them” and calls on attorneys to “defend victims of anti-LGBT discrimination.”

The 16-page ABA document outlines legal decisions that should, it argues, guarantee LGBTQ individuals across the U.S. the right to parent, while also describing the patchwork of state laws that has restricted some LGBTQ individuals’ ability to parent, especially through adoption and foster care.

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