Legislation a first step in easing harsh realities in the lives of many LGBTQ yout

The Desert Sun 
by Stephen Smyth
August 15, 2018


Our LGBTQ children are disposable.

We toss them out on the street each day as though they were something less than precious, less than our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters.

And we do so at an alarming rate. Numerous studies confirm that while they comprise only 7 percent of the general population, as many as 40 percent of the 4.2 million youths experiencing homelessness nationally are LGBTQ. Which means they’re vastly more likely to face homelessness than their heterosexual, cisgender counterparts.

LGBTQ youths are also overrepresented in foster care. A 2012 study by the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute and the True Colors Fund found LGBTQs comprise nearly 20 percent of those in Los Angeles foster placements. Again, significantly outnumbering the total percent found in the general population.

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