Kyrsten Sinema’s Election Win in Arizona Is a Big, Bisexual Leap Forward

Daily Beast 
by Samantha Allen
November 13, 2018


First, there was Kate Brown. Now, Kyrsten Sinema. After the midterm elections, LGBT leaders believe that we are finally in the midst of a turning point for bisexual people in public life.

On Monday night, the result was official: centrist Democratic candidate—and bisexual woman—Sinema will become the first openly bisexual senator in United States history, in addition to being the first woman Arizona has ever elected to the Senate. She now joins Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who was just re-elected, as one of the highest-ranking bisexual elected officials in a country where they number few and far between.

In fact, according to a 2017 Victory Institute report, less than 2 percent of all LGBT elected officials in the country are bisexual, even though they are estimated to constitute a slight majority of the LGBT community. That makes Sinema’s win at such a high level a breakthrough moment, according to longtime bisexual advocate Robyn Ochs.

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